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About Janel

Joined the old forum May 2005! Things/People I never want to forget ... JoAnne, Kev Mac, pobby, gagirl, Gardner, MonicaMarie & Dylan, Margaret, karissaEB, marc penny, delphite, charlotte, gina, Sheena, muuzyq1, Aundrea, Andrea, girlwitstyle, Jeannette, realman, amandagail and her trip to Rye (complete with pic of Tom's Ferrari), Wishes4Keane, ebbistar, sending Halloween candy to Drinky and cookies to MarieP, Linda and Jordan. Playing Scrabble with Jordan and pobby, the very first time I heard Tim say "Hallo." Every lovely poster in the over-30's thread! I also want to remember the Keane Posse, pennies for the pink piggy, and Charity Shack!

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