Brighton 2nd December

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  • 11-22-2012 6:54 PM

    Brighton 2nd December

    Anyone know what time Wolfd gang start and Keane start?

    My tickets state 6pm but I would have thought that would be doors open.

    I really can't wait, its going to be a great gig, I just hope we get an encore as last time I saw them during the tour for the Iron Sea one of the lighting rigs collapsed and we didn't get an encore.

    Actually I think we should get an extra long encore to make up for it!!!

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Hi philw307! I'm Jules, welcome to the forum! I was at that gig and it was a shame the guys couldn't finish the set but it was a great evening. I think Keane normally come on stage about 9pm.

    Have a great time, it's a good venue at the Brighton Centre!

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December


     Many thanks.

     The Brighton Centre is brilliant.

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    I will second that! I was tempted to go to Brighton but i had to book Margate because of the travelling and time commitments.

    Brighton is great, have a fantastic night philw307 Big Smile

  • 11-24-2012 10:23 AM In reply to

    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Doors open at 6.30 not 6.00- it was changed last week.

    Not sure why unless it takes ages to do the soundchecks etc. I imagined that it was so they made sure to get their dinner but I have a weird sense of humour.

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    • MaryDM
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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Anyone want a cheap seated ticket for Brighton, only £25 , I have one for sale on the Merch board. It's going spare due to a family bereavement :(

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    • Craigidge
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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    They've played the Centre since, back in 2009 and we didn't get anything special :(
    And when you're running out of time, that's when you'll hitch your star to mine. We won't be leaving by the same road, that we came by.
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    • Kezmo
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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Last night was my 15th gig (I know that's nothing compared to some of you!) - have been following them since 2003 and have seen them in many different venues. I'm really sad to report that I just 'didn't get it'. There was something missing that I just can't put my finger on. I have thought that the fact that it was Sunday night didn't help, we were in seats rather than standing, plus Tom has been poorly recently. They normally blow me away and have enjoyed gigs at De la Ware and Brixton in recent months but felt very flat last night. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  • 12-03-2012 6:00 PM In reply to

    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    It's my first gig of theirs so I have nothing to compare it to, I really enjoyed it but I was standing so maybe there was more of an atmosphere down the front? It went a bit mental at points and the singing of SOWK sounded like a football crowd.

    I liked Tom and Tim's keyboard-off during A Bad Dream, the impromptu singing of Happy Birthday to May and the joke about Richard and the Antiques Roadshow.

    The only complaint I would have  is that I would have liked to have heard The Starting Line, maybe in place of Hamburg Song as it just bogs the show down and I think it is time it was put out to grass.

    I did notice that there weren't songs with really high notes , and Tom stopped and winced during Bedshaped, so something obviously hurt. I think that there would have been a few more songs in the encore otherwise.

    It was a shame that they didn't come out but it was understandable that they wanted to spend time with their families. I know people were disappointed that Tom went straight home afterwards but if he's still fighting this virus, it's best that he goes to bed, and it would be more unfair on all the people who are going to the rest of the tour if he lost his voice completely.

    I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it though.   I thought they put a lot of energy into it and there was a good atmosphere where I was standing.

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Just had a look for a setlist. There are usually more comments and pictures on Twitter than I've noticed for this show. It's a shame they've dropped TSL, but I'm thrilled to see DWC back. I'd be much happier with either of those than YAY, which seems to be the fixed Strangeland opener.  

    I do hope Tom's voice holds out for the next two nights. 

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    This review echoes what I've heard so many people say. Keane are absolutely brilliant - so why do they not get the recognition they deserve? However, I have to add - they've never been 'out of favour' with us have they?

    The other strange thing - several - UK dates ahead of them...does she know something we don't?????  (Or is she just stranded in the wrong time?!)

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Yes, disappointing compared to Brixton I'm afraid.

    To be fair to the chaps, there was awful sound at the sides (as usual for TBC - we moved to the centre where it was a bit better) and many of those seated were strangely quiet - Sunday night perhaps ?  Comments from Tom to this effect. 

    We both thought they looked totally knackered, Tim especially.  This tour is just too long IMHO.

    Despite all that, I felt they gave 100% and we still enjoyed the evening. But I think they need a break over Christmas, goodness know they deserve it.

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    I've been to quite a few Keane concerts over the years and this show at the Brighton centre last Sunday was the best I have seen. I thought the band put so much energy into the show and the keyboard player was just outstanding. The lead singer's voice was pitch perfect and I thought the sound in the venue was of a high standard. It was definitely value for money!
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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Actually I agree with you Kezmo, we were on the barrier in front of Tim... My husband turned to me and said they don't seem 'up for it' do they?

    I must admit I felt a bit deflated too and couldn't muster up the energy to be too enthusiastic (unlike the previous gigs this tour)

    Yes Tom was a bit 'chesty' but his voice was up to his usual standards.

    If anything I thought Tim was an 'angry man' and was pounding hell out of his keyboards, the only time he raised a smile was when Tom was in his face singing DC and then it was only a half-smile...

    Maybe they should have ended the UK tour with a bang at the O2 again, who knows what goes on??? At least now they have several weeks off for Christmas with their families, that will give them chance to recoup their energy.

  • 12-06-2012 1:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    It's strange what a difference one night makes because they were on fire in Margate on Monday. They went full at it and the crowd were buzzing! I've seen Keane 7 times and this one was up there with their best. I honestly wouldn't have known if Tom was struggling with his chest because he sounded awesome.

    I hope they all get to have a nice rest over Christmas as they've done us proud this year.

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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    Interesting to see how mixed the (fan) reviews were to this one rather than the others.

    It took me TWO days to recover- how do you youngsters do it?

    This lady liked it - except it was Can't Stop Now, but we'll let her off

    Funny how the website for the Brighton Argus is exactly the same as the one for the Bournemouth Echo, isn't it?


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    Re: Brighton 2nd December

    I agree with some of the comments here. Having seen Keane at the o2 Friday, I thought Sunday in Brighton wasn't nearly as good but put it down to Tom being under the weather. I must also agree that Brixton was my favourite gig of the year by a long way, beating Bexhill, Hastings Beer Festival ( poor sound ) and Folkestone. Hey, it's keane though.......fabulous live, and utterly brilliant.
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