O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

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  • 02-09-2009 12:44 PM

    • LaKeane
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    Huh? [:^)] O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    Hi everyone!!

     I was reading some Post from "El Mundo de Keane" and so far I could read, everywhere in Mexico (Palacio de los Deportes, Arena Telmex, etc.) it´s nearly impossible to get your Camera to the concert. Metal detectors, X-Ray controls, etc... Tongue Tied  They also wrote, if Security People get you making pictures, they take you out inmediatly!!

     Is in UK the same?? does anybody know if Cameras are allowed in the O2 Arena Concerts? Pleaaaaase!! I would like to know!! thank you so much!!


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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    Took my camera in at the last Keane O2 concert.  As long as they are not proffessional cameras its fine.  Keane all along have encouraged their fans to take photos

  • 02-09-2009 1:02 PM In reply to

    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    Staff do look in your bags at the door, but they mainly seem to be checking you haven't brought in your own food and drink! Never seen a metal-detector at a gig. As dyerjulie says, you should be fine with amateur equipment.

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    • Kea-hane
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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

     When do they check? When you go in for queueing inside or when you actually go in the hall where the concert is?


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    • Siddles
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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    I've never been to the O2 Arena, but the only venues where I've had my bag checked it was as I entered the building, and they only glanced in the bag - they didn't even find my concealed beverages. At Glasgow SECC I was told (after I got to the front of the queue to get into the hall!) that I had to leave my bag at the cloakroom.

    LaKeane, in the UK venues normally say no cameras are allowed, but they're not very strict about it and will usually tolerate small ones. There's a thread about taking photos at the concerts here

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    • naily
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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    You "can" get a check as you first enter the venue and you will be checked prior to entering the Arena anything that is non-pro and compact will be fine....

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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    We had our camera confiscated at the Liverpool Echo Arena, it is not a professional one but it has a lens that sticks out. Also my friend had a bottle of water taken off her and they were charging £2.00 for bottled water.

  • 02-10-2009 9:15 PM In reply to

    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    I emailed the O2 about the usage of camera's during the gig. I got the following answer:

    ''Thanks for your email. The general camera policy of the venue is that small digital cameras (under 35mm lens) are allowed but no video, SLR or professional camera equipment will be allowed into the arena. For some events this policy may change at the request of the promoter. If you contact us close to the date of the event and state what event you are attending then we can check what the camera policy is for that particular event.''

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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

     the first time I went to the O2 I was asked if the camera had video and I said yes, so they wouldn't let me take it in, they kept it until I came out.  The 2nd time I went they asked me if it had video on my camera and I just looked puzzled and mumbled no - and they let me in - same camera Stick out tongue

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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?


    Mine's small enough to stuff into my bra if necessary.
    And has video.
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    • bluegina
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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?



    Mine's small enough to stuff into my bra if necessary.  And has video.

    My bra will be quite fullStick out tongue but my camera is small enough to fit in my sleeve, they really don't have anything to worry about with my photos anyway!! 

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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    At the Brighton Centre there were notices all over the place banging on about no cameras, mobile phones, yadda yadda.
    Needless to say the place was lit up with little screens & flashes throughout the evening.
    The law is still there, but technology has rendered it completely unenforcable.

    My advice? Don't worry about it, but maybe don't hoik along a DSLR with a massive tele-lens & a tripod...  :)

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    • Lala_RK
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    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

     like what everyone has said, yes you're allowed to bring small cameras to the 02. i took along my small digi camera  to the 02 and the security guards said nothing. like what everyone else has said, as long as its not a big dslr , but one of those pocket cameras, it should be fine! im planning on taking my small digi camera tomorow :-)


    and thats a good tip about IF the security asks if it films, just say nope. it will be fine dont worry. 

  • 02-12-2009 5:27 PM In reply to

    Re: O2 Arena: Are Cameras allowed?

    ditto too. as long as it's not a large professional camera, you will easily get it in. it depends on what the promoter wants though, rather than the venue. if the promoter is ok with cameras, then the security will be relaxed about it.

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