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  • Re: The OFFICIAL Jesse Quin Thread

    [quote user="573ff1"]If there's an official JQ Stalk Club, I should be in it (along with Pi and Dorr... And Mart )[/quote] Hey, I don't stalk Jesse - me and him are just like a mutual appreciation society, that's all! Fellow geeks-in-arms, so to speak... not literally in arms, as...
    Posted to Keane Band (Forum) by Mart on 02-03-2009
  • Re: Make the last post thread- The danger is never over!

    Well, the poin of this thread was be the last post... and I'm the last!!!!!!!!!....... jajajjajajaja!!!!!. Should I write something more?? KISSES
    Posted to Fun & Games (Forum) by Jazy on 12-06-2008
  • Re: If You Could Ask TTR a Question.....

    I would ask: Tim : Have you ever written a song for your wife? Tom : What do you like to do in your downtime, (beside of music)? And what’s your favorite song? Rich : Do you have a girlfriend or something… (I have no idea about it…)? And why do you like so much take photos? (I like it too!)
    Posted to Keane Band (Forum) by Jazy on 12-05-2008
  • Re: Is there a special line from a Keane song that just gets you?

    H ere are some more: When we fall in love we are just falling in love with ourselves. Love is just our way of looking out for ourselves when we don’t want to live alone. Give me something that’s real!. When I’m far away from the places we’ve known, will all your love bring me home? I wanna be the place...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by Jazy on 12-03-2008
  • Re: Top three songs of album 3

    Hi !... I’ve got my doubts… I think that it could be: 1 .: Perfect Symmetry (Of course) 2 .:You Don’t See Me 3 .:Pretend That You’re Alone I think that the 2 nd and 3 rd places can change… I like too Again and Again (it’s great) Love Is The End and Black Burning Heart… Jazy ’08 - Bs.As. - Argentina
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by Jazy on 11-24-2008
  • i need to no about tom and richard

    what is there preference men or women anyone who knows u can email , is tom gay or straight?
    Posted to General Chat (Forum) by jessnjosef on 09-30-2008
  • Re: I enjoy...

    - Listening to great music (who doesn't) - Writing - Reading - Being on my computer, but only when it's being nice to me - Eating toast and Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream (though definetely not together, I hasten to add) - Singing - Gazing at pretty men - Feeding my obsessions - Being...
    Posted to General Chat (Forum) by Bethany on 08-31-2008
  • The Group Hug Thread

    *HUGS!* Love you all!! -Em :)
    Posted to General Chat (Forum) by Emmybear on 08-23-2008
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