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  • Anyone ready for a Keane 30 Day Challenge?

    I saw a The Killers 30 day challenge on tumblr, and I thought, heck, we should do a Keane one! Basically, it's one question per day challenge, but we can do all the questions at once, can't we? So, come on and play! It will be fun! Ready? Go! Keane 30 Day Challenge Day 01 – Favorite Keane song...
    Posted to Keane Band (Forum) by Griet on 07-16-2010
  • If you could be a member of Keane for a day, who would you want to be?

    I want to know which member of Keane you would want trade lives for a day. I personally would choose Tim, because I've always wanted to play piano in a rock band. Now Who would you choose?
    Posted to Keane Band (Forum) by cyan_sky on 01-19-2010
  • Re: ¿Qué estas escuchando? Toma 2!

    hamburg song........
    Posted to El mundo de Keane (Forum) by majitos on 09-20-2009
  • Re: V festival

    [quote user="LindyJ"] Would someone be able to post a close-up of Tom's trainers please? I would love to get a better view of them but am ignorant in these matters unfortunately! haha! [/quote] In the absence of proper close-ups of the genuine article (the band shoe collection photo from...
    Posted to Keane Live (Forum) by Mart on 08-24-2009
  • Re: V festival

    [quote user="LindyJ"]...and what about those snazzy trainers of Tom's eh! I wish someone would do a replica of them. I want a pair!!![/quote] Never let it be said that I'm not good to you people... Unleash your inner Chaplin with a pair of replica Nike Air Max 90 iD trainers! The website...
    Posted to Keane Live (Forum) by Mart on 08-24-2009
  • Re: Tom Chaplin

    Ormai mi sono sono abbastanza sicura di non averla ancora postata questa... se volete andare sul dettaglio o salvarla piu grandicella...qui c'è il thumbnail
    Posted to Il mondo dei Keane (Forum) by sim163 on 06-08-2009
  • Re: Tom Chaplin

    [quote user="Sabrina v."]non posso trattenermi, devo fare per forza un commento:anzi, non ho parole...[/quote] ma nooo uffa!!! Volevo il commento perché ti sei trattenuta?
    Posted to Il mondo dei Keane (Forum) by sim163 on 06-07-2009
  • Re: Perfect Symmetry Fans Cover Album 2009

    imperfect symmetry I chosen a very good idea!
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by jorgelina_23 on 04-22-2009
  • What cover would you like to hear?

    I want to hear Keane do a cover on Queens "dont stop me now", I think it could be supercool live !! especially with the energy Keane have on stage, I can just imagine Tim behind the piano making magic and Tom bouncing all over the place :P !! What song would you like to hear?
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by emmia on 04-15-2009
  • Re: Keane Singstar..?

    Natz, YES I Would DEFFO Buy It Too!!!! :D It's A Fabtastic Idea, And I Hope That The 'People/Owners' Look At This And Consider It!! Maybe We Should Make A Petition Or Something Lol So They Would Know How Much We REALLY Wanted It!! Haha.. Byeeeeeeeeeeee xx
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by AmeliaBaybee95 on 04-09-2009
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