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  • Tom drawing by my husband

    Tom drawing by Rayden Fernandes
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by lULLY on 04-11-2013
  • "Under the Iron Sea" cover artwork

    I didn't exactly know where to post this, because there aren't that much threads in this forum. Anyhow, I've always adored the artwork for the album "Under the Iron Sea", so I decided to make my own interpretation of it. Here goes:
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by faxi-chan on 11-16-2012
  • A Keane Drawing..

    A "trippy" drawing of Tom:
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by netsnets on 04-06-2012
  • Memento Pocket Book_KEANE

    Hey all, Last fall for my design school project, I made a memento pocket book filled with lyrics from Keane's hits and pics from their record & tour pics. The main challenge for the project was no glue/staples allowed during the process. So basically using fold & cut technique, I created...
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by louisamonica on 03-28-2012
  • My Keane T-Shirt Design Brought to Life :D

    Hi, dear Keane community! As with many of you, I was one of the Keane fans who submitted a design for the recent Keane t-shirt competition. Though my design did not win, I was still curious to see what it would look like as an actual shirt rather than just a drawing. I'm soooooo excited to say that...
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by finshi on 02-11-2011

    I made the guys a bit hairy
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by KKOPPI on 08-31-2010
  • Siggys and Gifs!

    All of these pictures and gifs were taken & edited by me. :3
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by randapanda on 07-29-2010
  • UTIS Quilted Bag

    Dear Keane community, I recently purchased my mom a sewing machine so that she could take up the hobby of quilting. Check out the bag she made for me!!! Um...I hope I'm inserting this image correctly. Still awfully new at this. Anyway, if it works, I'd love to hear what you think.
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by finshi on 06-06-2010
  • Derek Jevens Music - MY "BACK IN TIME" (4/23/10)

    DEREK JEVENS I have Keane to thank for really getting me into music and songwriting! My name is Derek Jevens and I was born on June 14, 1988. I have lived most of my life in Eau Claire, WI, USA. I grew up always liking music. I even told my mother when I was younger that I wanted to be a singer. To this...
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by roxley2007 on 11-10-2009
  • Samber's sketches

    Well, I thought I'd post my Tom sketches, I'm planning to do the others soon too. Hope you like them: These two are not Keane related, but I wanted to post them. Keeley Hawes and Matt Bellamy. My deviant art, if you're interested is:
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by Samber on 10-26-2009
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