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  • Re: Podcast

    [quote user="ChrisFlynn"] I heard a rumour about tomorrow's show - it will definitely be worth tuning into... [/quote] Oooh, cool! Sounds good. Is it linked to our big announcement?
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by drinky on 08-18-2008
  • Re: Podcast

    [quote user="funnyface"] Lol nice episode, Are you playing spiralling on the piano in the background there Chris? If so, just highlights how much piano really is in the track (if not then i'm an idiot! lol) [/quote] Thanks! But unlike some other clips we've played in the past it's...
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by ChrisFlynn on 08-18-2008
  • Re: Beijing 2008 Olympics

    We will opening BTIS with God Save The Queen as a tribute. Amazing. If this doesn't inspire things for 2012, nothing will :p (Admitedly we'll still be lucky to keep it up in the top 10, but still)
    Posted to General Chat (Forum) by ChrisFlynn on 08-17-2008
  • Re: Beyond the Iron Sea Podcast - Episode 15 out now (13/08)

    The latest episode is out now - update iTunes or go to to download it
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by drinky on 08-13-2008
  • Re: Introduce youself here

    I'm Chris. I live in London. I have liked Keane since first seeing them over 5 years ago. Here is a mini 'Keane CV', of things you might recognise me from: Official stuff January 2004 to October 2006 - Moderator and adminstrator for the official website forum May 2004 to May 2006 - Answered...
    Posted to Under the Walnut Tree (Forum) by ChrisFlynn on 08-06-2008
  • Re: Podcast

    [quote user="ShelleyA"]And thanks for reading part of my email out first! Hope these podcasts continue once the album comes out and beyond! [/quote] You got in there first, before the avalanche of other mails. So long as there is Keane truth to report, we will be there reporting on it.
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by ChrisFlynn on 08-05-2008
  • Re: Podcast

    The latest podcast is out ! The most comprehensive review of... reviews of Spiralling, with opinions from all the people who count. All of them. We've left no-one out. Honest. Head over to our site at the slightly posher address of:
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by drinky on 08-05-2008
  • BTIS Podcast - Episode 63 (The Power of Four Pt 2) online now

    Beyond the Iron Sea. THE unofficial Keane podcast. Episode 63, featuring our thoughts on all the big news surrounding album 4, is online now.
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by drinky on 07-31-2008
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