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  • Crystal Ball

    Hi there! I recently listened the song "Crystal Ball", and not-so-old work they made back to 2006. I remember how much I played it when it was released. I would like to know if there is any opportunity of getting (at least) the acapellas, to create a remix/bootleg of it, or something useful...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by djvoiceless on 05-30-2013

    Hi, how are you? I hope that fine, well, i want to ask you, if someone have the next performance in video and if have the chance to share: Quilmes Rock T in the Park Southside Festival (Complete) Radio 2 (where they play Disco 2000) AOL Session 2004 and 2005 (Complete) The gig Keane did for Dutch TV...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by Cranpepe on 07-04-2010
  • Downlaod Keane Songs For FREE!!!! (No joke!!)

    OMG!!! If you have a bottle of regular coca cola, you can download a free song from iTunes, and on the list of available songs there are all the songs form all the albums, plus a few more, such as Snowed Under and Maybe I Can Change!!!! Wooooh!!!
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by perfectlysymmetrical on 07-10-2009
  • Re: Download Interview, Concerts,Videos, etc...

    [quote user="genex"] [quote user="yessicachaplin23"] Also "ALX" "fer" Arvika Festival, 16/07/2004 T In The Park 2005 [/quote] Look into your inbox [/quote] Thank you Gabriel!!
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by fer on 06-20-2009
  • Re: Download Interview, Concerts,Videos, etc...

    [quote user="KeaneFan 90"] [quote user="mchambers1980"]I was wondering does anyone have any of the following concerts or any that I have not listed above? If you do have one please, please post them on the forum or if you prefer they can be sent in a PM. Either audio or video is fine...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by fer on 06-14-2009
  • Download Full Concert Of Keane Live In Köln Kulturkirche (Germany) and AOL Music Sessions 2006

    Hello, folks. Some of you might not have these files yet, so take the opportunity to download them through the following link.öln...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by fabolifer on 10-22-2008
  • Exchange Of Songs (Live Performances and Rare Tracks)

    As you all know, Keane musical universe goes much beyond their main three albums. There are dozens of B-Sides or tracks that were not even officially recorded. Then, there are multiple live performances that you might have in .mp3 format, as I do as well. We could exchange those files here, letting each...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by fabolifer on 10-15-2008
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