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    I am waiting for the day when I see the following Headline "Keane - South African Tour". I am a big fan of Keane music and its a little sad that they don't even seem to consider Africa, especially South Africa in their musical journey. They are definitely on the top of my backet list of...
    Posted to Keane Live (Forum) by ditiro on 09-27-2013
  • Re: Forest Tour Photolog 업데이트에...

    안녕하세요. Danny 입니다. 없어지긴요.. 아직 건재합니다. ^^ 윗분이 말씀하신 주소로 와도 되구요.. 또는 로 들어오실 수 있습니다. 자주 놀러오세요. ^^
    Posted to Other Languages (Forum) by wiz3254 on 02-05-2011
  • Re: Tom Pics

    [quote user="Pat e Tom"] [quote user="annie nyc"] [quote user="Mayra Yanett Chaplin"] [/quote] Awww, you all must have SMOTHERED him with gifts love & appreciation!! Your all so lucky to be there ON his birthday to give him his gifts!! VERY cool!!! Edit : Roby's...
    Posted to Keane Band (Forum) by xxfilmfiendxx on 04-02-2009
  • Re: 21st Century Orpheus ~ Tim Rice-Oxley Thread

    I am making a Tim fan site, it will have everything on it LOLOL i just started it so its very incomplete, here is the link if any one would like to add anything to the site feel free to contact me! :)
    Posted to Keane Band (Forum) by xxfilmfiendxx on 01-13-2009
  • Will there be a fan's cover CD of Perfect Symmetry?

    Hi. I wonder if anyone knows if there will be a cover CD of Perfect Symmetry, just like of the two last albums? I think the ideas of 'Soapes & Beers' and 'Under the Ironed Sheets' were brilliant and I really really hope someone has taken the initiative to collect fans covers of Perfect...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by maija on 11-08-2008
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