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  • Crystal Ball

    Hi there! I recently listened the song "Crystal Ball", and not-so-old work they made back to 2006. I remember how much I played it when it was released. I would like to know if there is any opportunity of getting (at least) the acapellas, to create a remix/bootleg of it, or something useful...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by djvoiceless on 05-30-2013
  • uploading photos to the archive

    Guys I need help Richard tweeted we can upload photos to the live archive But I really can't see any upload button there ..all I see is the new tour dates and a comment box o.0
    Posted to Keane Live (Forum) by banadoura on 11-21-2012
  • "Disconnected" Video: Do you feel a connection?

    I was caught by surprise with the announcement that the music video for Disconnected will be premiered as early as on April 16. Such astonishment is due to a very simple fact that user Dra_House from Chile timely acknowledged in her comment to the news published at “I DON'T UNDERSTAND...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by Strangelander on 04-13-2012
  • Silenced by "Silenced By The Night"

    Following its worldwide debut on BBC Radio 1, Silenced By The Night , the first single extracted from Keane’s fourth studio album Strangeland , has been repeatedly played by stations all over the world since March 13. Composed by prodigious Rice-Oxley in approximately five minutes, it is one of the lightest...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by Strangelander on 04-11-2012
  • Strangeland Songs

    Hi Keane Fans After watching the live songs that Keane did at Bexhill on 9th & 10th March, i thought it would be good to start a discussion about the songs from the new album. I listened to about 6 from the new album (live versions from Youtube) and have put these as my favorites so far: .The Starting...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by fossil1990 on 03-23-2012
  • Night Train Merchandise

    Hi Keane Fans Does anyone have any Night Train Merchandise that they are selling? Please leave me a message or reply to this thread. Thanks
    Posted to Merchandise (Forum) by fossil1990 on 03-10-2011
  • Keane at Mile High Music Festival

    Yo everyone, So for those of you going to Mile High, I found this awesome opportunity to help promote Keane. By signing up for the Mile High Street Team, you'll help promote the show (Keane) by hanging up posters and flyers, and you get recompensed for your work in the form of free tix, shwag, etc...
    Posted to Keane Live (Forum) by justicefororion on 06-09-2010
  • Derek Jevens Music - MY "BACK IN TIME" (4/23/10)

    DEREK JEVENS I have Keane to thank for really getting me into music and songwriting! My name is Derek Jevens and I was born on June 14, 1988. I have lived most of my life in Eau Claire, WI, USA. I grew up always liking music. I even told my mother when I was younger that I wanted to be a singer. To this...
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by roxley2007 on 11-10-2009
  • In Nederland gemist :(

    Hoi allemaal, Ik heb alle cd's van Keane en ik vind ze helemaal te gek, maar het concert op 28 oktober in Ahoy heb ik moeten missen omdat ik 15ben en helaas mijn geld al eerder had uitbesteed aan Jan Smit die daar 30 Oktober kwam :(. Weten jullie toevallig of er zeer binnenkort nog een concert van...
    Posted to De wereld van Keane (Forum) by stefanaudi on 01-09-2009
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