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  • Want-to-buy some Keane items

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for some Keane stuff and maybe someone wants to sold it: 1. Stop for a Minute (UK promo CD in cardboard sleeve); 2. Strangeland screenprint; 3. Strangeland programme/photo set - series 2; 4. Disconnected art print; 5. Sovereign Light Cafe UK promo CD (SOVEREIGNCD1). Thanks...
    Posted to Merchandise (Forum) by Burmantoff on 04-02-2015
  • Strangeland MIDIs???

    I'm looking for MIDI files of any Keane songs, but mostly the ones from Strangeland, Night Train, and Perfect Symmetry. The Keaneshaped website only has MIDIs for Hopes and Fears and Under the Iron Sea, and I'm really hoping to find ones with the vocal tracks included. There was a previous thread...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by outofeveryone on 03-28-2014
  • Keane - You are Young instrumental

    been working on this every now and then
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by KKOPPI on 06-03-2013
  • Would like to purchase Keane Strangeland Vinyl LP

    i can't seem to find the STRANGELAND vinyl LP for sale anywhere. the keane official site no longer has stocks available, and ebay uk doesn't ship to the philippines. any suggestions please? and for a good price too! thanks!
    Posted to Merchandise (Forum) by ANGELAGARRIDO on 11-25-2012
  • Is there going to be a PVG book for the Strangeland album or sheet music?

    I've looked and looked but I can't find a PVG (Piano, Vocal and Guitar) sheet music book for the Strangeland Album - does anyone know if there is going to be one? Or where I might sheet music for the album? Thanks, Mark.
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by marktaylor46 on 09-27-2012
  • Sovereign Light Cafe video

    I looked all over this board to find a topic, was surprised that no one is talking about it. What do you think? I think it captures the feel of the song and the album very well, and may be the best of the Strangeland videos so far.
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by LonelySeoul on 05-31-2012
  • Re: Keane Strangeland Lyrics And Chords

    The Starting Line Intro: C, Em, G, C x2 C Em G C This town was our lovers' stage, but now you can’t recognise C Em G The streetlights that are daggers to your eyes Dm Am F C You can’t find your bearings, you’re slipping into the ground F Am G The scene has no color and no sound C Em G C Do you still...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by simond0402 on 05-17-2012
  • Strangeland discount @ Best Buy?

    Hi, A day or two ago I saw something about a $2 discount for Strangeland here on the Keane website and I can no longer find it. Does anyone have a link? Thanks in advance.
    Posted to Keane News (Forum) by raulman1 on 05-07-2012
  • Re: Strangeland - SONG LYRICS

    It's Not True You've been watching dawns from the gutter Trading one bad move for another It's been a stormy night but it's almost through Friends you once loved don't know you Even your own eyes don't know you You think this whole world is trying to bury you But it's not...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by namor on 05-02-2012
  • Re: Strangeland - Dissection & Discussion :-)

    The preview to "Black Rain" just blew me away. And Myth... dont even get me started on that. Just amazing. I couldn't believe how amazing it sounded, i can tell this will be Keane at there finest :) I have decided though not to preview any of the other songs (crazy, i know) to save them...
    Posted to Keane Music (Forum) by birdbreth on 05-01-2012
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