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  • "Under the Iron Sea" cover artwork

    I didn't exactly know where to post this, because there aren't that much threads in this forum. Anyhow, I've always adored the artwork for the album "Under the Iron Sea", so I decided to make my own interpretation of it. Here goes:
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by faxi-chan on 11-16-2012
  • UTIS Quilted Bag

    Dear Keane community, I recently purchased my mom a sewing machine so that she could take up the hobby of quilting. Check out the bag she made for me!!! Um...I hope I'm inserting this image correctly. Still awfully new at this. Anyway, if it works, I'd love to hear what you think.
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by finshi on 06-06-2010
  • My Keane / Muse shoes =D

    I decided to make a pair of shoes to honour my two favourite bands in the whole world - Keane and Muse. Here are some photos, please comment :)
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by joanna90 on 09-16-2009

    This is KEANE - UNDER THE IRON SEA cross stitch art by Mongolian talented artist Jargal.A...She is my sister and she gave me this as a gift..wonderful art..i just don't have words to say about my first impression he he....Please write your comments if you like it..
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by uundaa on 07-08-2009
  • Utopia and Dystopia...

    Utopia and Dystopia need eachother to exist. Just like the visible and the invisible; like light and shadow; like a genre needs its opposite like the two sides of a coin. Now... How do we find the balance in between?... Peacefully?... What a challenge! The bet
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by nazareno on 09-29-2008
  • Under The Iron Sea Art????? Anyone :(

    i really like the album under the iron sea and i was wondering if anyone ha made any art for it or if they have pictures of the official artwork for the album from on the old website???? please share them with me :(
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by AtlanticAdam on 09-13-2008
  • Under The Iron Sea ArtWork

    hi does anyone have any art work from the under the iron sea album or any artwork they have made cheers adam
    Posted to Keane Art (Forum) by AtlanticAdam on 09-13-2008
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